Knjiga Civic and Uncivic Values in Kosovo

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History, Politics, and Value Transformation Edited by Sabrina P. Ramet, Albert Simkus and Ola Listhaug

464 pages, 2015

Civic and Uncivic Values in Kosovo is based on the conviction that the key to the establishment of stable liberal democracy anywhere in the world—in this case, in Kosovo—lies in the completion of three interrelated tasks: the creation of effective political institutions based on the principle of the separation of powers (including the independence of the judiciary); the implementation of the rule of law; and the promotion of civic values, including tolerance of ethnic, religious and sexual minorities, trust, and respect for the harm principle. In Kosovo, there are problems across all three measures, including judicial independence, the rule of law, and especially, civic values. In addition, where Kosovo is concerned, there is the challenge of sustainability and, for the society to be sustainable, it must also integrate its citizens into a common discourse and build trust among its citizens. Research shows that the citizens of Kosovo rank extremely low on trust of other citizens, engagement in social organizations, and tolerance of gays, lesbians, and atheists, but high on trust in the political institutions of their country along with a great deal of pride in their newly independent state.

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“One would be hard pressed to find an academic work inspired by Sabrina Ramet that is not of exemplary quality. This volume is no exception. Ramet and her coeditors have assembled an impressive group of established scholars and talented younger colleagues to help explain the often maddeningly complex political and social dynamic found in contemporary Kosovo. The book this collaboration has produced should be of considerable interest to the casual reader, quite important for area specialists, and indispensable to those who deal with Kosovo at the policy level.”
Bernd J. Fischer, Professor Emeritus, Indiana University, Fort Wayne

“An insightful collection of essays examining the development of democratic practices and liberal values in Europe’s newest state. The authors included in the volume are pathbreakers in exploring the fundamental principles of individual freedom and social responsibilities in developing democracies.” Janusz Bugajski, Center for European Policy Analysis, Washington DC
Contributors: Anton Bebler ⦁ Florian Bieber ⦁ Steinar Bryn ⦁ Johanna Deimel ⦁ Karin Dyrstad ⦁ Shkëlzen Gashi ⦁ Altuğ Günal ⦁ Linda Gusia ⦁ Zachary T. Irwin ⦁ Dušan Janjić ⦁ Shemsi Krasniqi ⦁ Ola Listhaug ⦁ Nita Luci ⦁ Roberto Morozza della Rocca ⦁ James Pettifier ⦁ Sabrina P. Ramet ⦁ Kristen Ringdal ⦁ Oliver Jens Schmitt ⦁ Albert Simkus