Roundtable: Bilateral Relations between Serbia and Hungary: Minority Policy and European Integrations

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The Forum for Ethnic Relations organized a roundtable:  Bilateral Relations between Serbia and Hungary: Minority Policy and European Integrations, at Moskva hotel in Belgrade. The Roundtable focused on the key issues influencing the relations between Serbia and Hungary, such as: the status of the Hungarian minority in Serbia and the status of Serbian minority in Hungary; cross-border cooperation between the two countries; Serbia’s prospects for European integration.

Members of the Roundtable were representatives of the Hungarian national minority and local governments of the Republic of Serbia. One of the conclusions at the Roundtable was that Serbia and Hungary should continue to develop and strengthen their relations in key areas of common interest. The participants agreed that the relations between the two countries have significantly improved after the historic visit of Hungarian president János Áder to Serbia, when he and his Serbian counterpart Tomislav Nikolić paid tribute to innocent Hungarian and Serbian victims of World War II. This was a noble gesture of reconciliation process between the two nations. The participants of the Roundtable summed up the historical relations of the Hungarian national minority towards Serbia as their home country and discussed about economic cooperation between Serbia and Hungary

This is the third in a series of four roundtables organized by the Forum for Ethnic Relations, with the support of the British Embassy Belgrade and the Open Society Foundation Serbia, within the project: The Status of National Minorities in Serbia and European Integrations: The Role of Neighboring Countries. The first roundtable on bilateral relations Serbia-Bulgaria was held in Niš,  on 30 May; the second roundtable on bilateral relations Serbia-Romania was held on 11 June; the third roundtable on bilateral relations Serbia-Hungary was held on 25 June, and the last roundtable on bilateral relations Serbia-Croatia was held on 14 July.  At the roundtables, the participants determined the current status of bilateral relations between Serbia and its neighboring countries, and discussed the role of national minorities in developing good neighborly relations.