Public discussion “North Kosovo, how to move forward?”

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In cooperation with the Diplomatic Dialogue, the Forum for Ethnic Relations held a public discussion entitled “North Kosovo, how to move forward?“ The subject of the discussion was the position of Kosovo Serbs within the Belgrade and Pristina agreement as well as the problems of its implementation and participation of Serbs from North Kosovo in this process. The purpose of this discussion was to establish a dialogue on the attitudes of Kosovo Serbs and the adopted agreement as well as the perspective of the agreement as viewed by Belgrade, Pristina and Brussels. At this occasion, a publication of the Forum for Ethnic Relations entitled “The Perspective of North Kosovo in the process of normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina” was presented, which was the result of the international conference “Perspectives of Regional Cooperation for North Kosovo”, held in Bečići from 11 to 13 January 2013.

Speakers at the public discussion were Prvoslav Davinić (Diplomatic Dialogue), Nenad Đurđević (Forum for Ethnic Relations), Ilir Deda (Kosovo Institute for Policy Research and Development), Dušan Janjić (Active Serbia), Slaviša Filipović (Serbian Democratic Party of Kosovo and Metohija) and Saša Đokić (Serbian Democratic Party of Kosovo and Metohija).

The participants of the discussion agreed that the signing of the agreement on the normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina is a significant step forward, but that the implementation of the agreement will be as difficult a process as negotiations, and that both sides in the dialogue, including Brussels, still have a lot of work ahead. Practical issues such as the economic dependence of Serbs in Kosovo from parallel institutions, which require special attention in their transformation, as well as the degree of structural reforms that Kosovo will have to go through to allow the implementation of the agreement. There were also talks about financing the implementation process and the necessary technical capacities.

On behalf of the Forum for Ethnic Relations, the project was realized by: Nenad Đurđević, Mladen Antonijević Priljeva, Ivana Božić, Nikola Burazer, Dina Milovanović, Željko Rakovac.