Presenting the research results: Independence and fate of minorities 1991-1992

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Forum for Ethnic Relations supports the initiative by the “People’s movement OTPOR” for the dismissal of the minister Dragan Veselinov. We feel that the minister should be held responsible for his public appearances and for acts committed by the people under his immediate control.

Public appearances and politicization of the tragic traffic accident by the minister Veselinov is a reason enough for him to resign on his own. The fact that he did not resign and that he is supported by the Prime Minister reveal two things: the insecurity of the Government and its ministers and the attempt to hide that insecurity by intimidating the public; second, a difficult position of the Government which, due to unstable support in the parliament, must tolerate domineering and arrogant behavior by its members, even of small political parties.


For this reason we feel that the removal from office of the minister Veselinov would be beneficial for the stability of the Government and especially in improving its image in the public, which has been shaken in the past several weeks, partially due to the accident involving minister Veselinov.


We are confident that the minister himself will acknowledge the arguments which are aimed at preserving the stability of the Government and continuing reforms, and we hope that his future actions will not jeopardize Government’s reputation and further aggravate the crisis in the Government and the parliament.

Speaking from our experience in dealing with minister Veselionv, we must add that his expertize is not in any way disputable.