Milidrag for TV N1: Kosovo dialogue so far without realistic solutions

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So far the internal dialogue on Kosovo has failed to produce any realistic solutions, said Predrag Milidrag from the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory appearing live on TV N1. Milidrag said that it was only during the period treated by the second report that certain trends have become more evident, adding however that an overly directed discussion is at play.

“There is a controlled dialogue, where dissonant tones are either ignored or attacked severely”, he remarked, stressing that the current course of the dialogue did not bring people’s attitudes any closer; it only made the division line more clear.

“No one had said anything we did not expect (…) The divide is just more evident now”, Milidrag said, adding that no realistic and sustainable solutions were offered in the dialogue so far.

“I think that Serbian society finds it very difficult to accept reality. Kosovo Albanians do not want to live in Serbia, and there is nothing that could force them to accept that. We have heard all kinds of solutions, but since the said fact is not taken into account, the produced solutions are not realistic. There is still no initial consensus on the peaceful resolution of the Kosovo issue. Some are still entertaining the idea of pursuing solutions involving military engagement”, warned Milidrag.

He also noted that no part of the dialogue is drawing attention to the fact that Kosovo issue is closely related to Serbia’s EU integration process.


Speaking about Kosovo Serbs, Milidrag said that they participate in the dialogue “just because they have to, and no more than that”.

“The voice of Kosovo Serbs is not heard, especially south of the Ibar, inhabited by more Serbs compared to the north. We are mostly discussing the north of Kosovo, but what about the south – no one is saying anything. The murder of Oliver Ivanović will only aggravate things. He was a voice of reason and tolerance that was obviously not acceptable to some or all” he said.

Milidrag also pointed out that the results of the dialogue cannot be discussed, that there is still time, and that we are still waiting to see the plan of the Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić.

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