KoSSev: The Report on Monitoring the Internal Dialogue points to “ethnic nationalism”, “military option”, new victims…

2018-02-16T11:23:56+00:00 30. 01. 2018.|News|

The analysis of the internal dialogue has received special attention in the media in the north of Kosovo. The KoSSev portal provides detailed messages from the presentation of the report, and in particular those referring to the passivity of Kosovo Serbs [1]. On the same portal, Dušan Janjić from the Forum for Ethnic Relations, in his text, draws attention to the key messages in connection with the assassination of Oliver Ivanović. Speaking about the status of Kosovo, Janjić underlines that two most prevailing ideas are delineation and status quo policy [2].

[1] http://kossev.info/strana/arhiva/drugi_izvestaj_o_dijalogu/14565

[2] http://kossev.info/strana/arhiva/oliverova_poruka_/14581