Enough crime! Citizens of Serbia!

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On behalf of the undersigned non-governmental organizations, we inform you that on Sunday, 16 March 16, at 12 am in Belgrade and all the cities across Serbia, the activists will hand out stickers with the message: Enough crime! Citizens of Serbia! This action aims to support the Government of Serbia in its efforts to bring the instigators and perpetrators of crimes to justice.

Enough crime!


Outraged and deeply affected by the assassination of Serbian Prime Minister Dr. Zoran Đinđić, a victim of the political underground, we inform the Government of Serbia:

We support you in your efforts to continue on the road to democratic and European Serbia, free from the terror of the recent past, from violence and crime.

We support your determination to stop the criminals, to establish the rule of law and to guarantee freedom, security and peace in our country. The leaders of organized crime groups and political extremists wish to restore the dictatorship. We say to them: we who know that democracy has no alternative are the majority and we will not allow you to reinstate darkness and the hopelessness.

We will continue to pursue democracy and reforms in Serbia, which were symbolized in Dr. Zoran Đinđić.

So we say decisively

Enough crime!

Women in Black, Center for Regional Dialogue, Lawyers’ Committee on Human Rights, Forum for Ethnic Relations, OTPOR, Women’s Studies Center Belgrade, Humanitarian Law Center, Toplica Initiative, Urban-in Eva – Novi Sad, Center for Cultural Decontamination , Civic Initiatives, Group 484

Note: Several dozen NGOs across Serbia are participating in this action