„Belgrade – Pristina: Normalization of relations in practice“

2018-03-20T12:29:23+00:00 28. 03. 2013.|News|

The Forum for Ethnic Relations, in cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, organized a round table on the topic “Belgrade – Pristina: Normalization of relations in practice”, held on 28 March, 2013 at the Hotel “Moscow” in Belgrade.

The panelists gave their introductory remarks and opened the discussion, including: Dušan Janjić from the Forum for Ethnic Relations, Henri Bohnet, Director of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Belgrade office, Nenad Đurđević, Coordinator of the Forum for Ethnic Relations, Engjellushe Morina, Kosovo Pristina Institute for Peace, Ilir Deda from the Kosovo Policy Research and Development Institute from Pristina.

At the meeting, the discussion concerned the current course of negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina in Brussels, the agreements reached, and the possibilities of their implementation in practice. In open dialogue, round table participants considered the possibility of finding a sustainable solution for Kosovo, which would, according to participants, include involvement of civil society as well as representatives of the Albanian and Serbian communities in the process and the creation of economically sustainable municipalities.

The participants agreed that the transparency of negotiations and the agreements reached are of paramount importance for Serbs living in Kosovo, in order to avoid free interpretation and misunderstandings during the process of their implementation.

On behalf of the Forum for Ethnic Relations, the project was realized by: Nenad Đurđevic, Mladen Antonijević Priljeva, Vujo Ilić, Željko Rakovac, Ivana Božić, Dina Milovanović and Nikola Burazer.