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Forum for Ethnic Relations (FER) was founded in 1989 as a network of 110 academics and experts in national issues, ethnic relations and minority protection. FER is one of the most relevant non- government organization whose members are prominent scientists and experts from the region, Europe and the USA. FER’s comprehensive goal is the improvement of ethnic relations, prevention of ethnic conflicts, confidence building, conflict mitigation, and conflict resolution. FER’s activities are directed at issues related to building nation states (ethno-nationalism, national, ethnic, religious and cultural minorities and minority protection). In 1991 FER was officially registered as a civil society organization based in Belgrade. So far, FER had an important role in building confidence, conflict resolution and reconciliation between ethnic, religious and cultural groups.

Today, FER is a benchmark organization in the field of human rights, ethnic relations, protection of minority rights, and the strengthening of democracy and state institutions.